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Home Care

De-winterizing your mountain cabin, getaway, second home…

Before heading back to your White Mountain cabin or home this Spring...

Robin Jaeger Broker
March 31, 2019
Before heading back to your White Mountain cabin or home this Spring:

Be sure you’ve called ahead or used your online accounts to turn on needed utilities.

Confirm the status of insurance, registrations and licenses of any kind.

Confirm you have glass coverage on your auto insurance policy. Mountain roads can play havoc with windshields.


Check pipes for any signs of rust and damage if possible before turning on your plumbing and water heater. If you’re not sure, call your local plumber to do an assessment.

Do a walk-around looking for signs of critters that may have used your home and or under home for winter nesting or resting…checking your window screens for holes and or gaps and bites in electrical cords may be another sign of critter activity.

Inspect your decks for any repair and or coating after a strong winter.

Roofs, eaves and gutters will most likely need to be swept and cleaned out from Fall and Winter branches, leaves, dirt…etc. While on the roof check for any damage from a cold winter.

Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for low batteries and replace if needed.

Test the batteries or power source for any motion sensor lights on driveways and decks...

Check and confirm your alarm system is in working order (provided you have one)

Check and change you heating and air filters

Clean your fireplace if needed. And if it has been a while, have your chimney swept.

Check your home for any foundation type cracks inside and out. A quick walk-around inside and out can save you from a multitude of issues later.


Be sure to use a qualified service for any items you can’t do yourself. As Ben Franklin said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Welcome home...To the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona.


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